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Biodiversity Conservation Program: Coffee Table Book: Volume I 2019
Format: Print Series: Author: Castañeto, Elmer T. [Contributor/s: Moller, Ian M.; Latiza, Christian Kevin A.; Goze, Agnes L.; Castro, Leopoldo G.; Rosales, Agnes B.; Jose, Josie V.; Castañeto, Yolina T.; Manuel, Arshiela G.] Category: General Reference Publisher: FCF Minerals Corporation Date of Publication: ISBN/ISSN: No. of Copies: 1 Place of Publication: Philippines Call Number: Wi 210.599 .C346 2013 v1 Volume Number: Volume 1 Accession Number: BMBLIB21-000558 Tags:Birds | Fauna | Mammals | Native fauna | Nueva Vizcaya | Reptiles | Request a Copy