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Field Guide to Cryptic Marine Invertebrates of the Philippines: A Sample of Biodiversity from Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structures
Format: Print Series: Author: Moews-Asher, Megan; Castor, Criselda B.; Reardon, Kerry; Timmers, Molly Category: General Reference Publisher: NOAA Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center Date of Publication: ISBN/ISSN: No. of Copies: 4 Place of Publication: Call Number: Wi 220.599 .M694 2018 Volume Number: Accession Number: BMBLIB21-000443; BMBLIB21-000444; BMBLIB22-000656; BMBLIB22-000657 Tags:Coastal and marine biodiversity | Coastal and marine wildlife | Reef conservation | Reef ecosystems | Request a Copy