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Hands on BiodiverSEAty: Protecting the Seas for You and Me
Format: Print Series: Author: [Contributor/s: Cordero, Grick S.; Piang, Dominique Jaide C.; de Castro, Paula G.; Wigwigan, Irish Mikee W.; Evangelista, Charles Louie; Meniado, Angelita P.; Maaño, Desiree Eve R.; Baling, Nilda S.; Castor, Criselda B.; Avilla, Lea C.; Apaya, Maria Katrina L.; Silvestre, Joaquin Rogelio P.; Concepcion, Jacqueline B.; Nulada, Siara Jeanne F.] Category: General Reference Publisher: DENR - Biodiversity Management Bureau (BMB) Date of Publication: ISBN/ISSN: No. of Copies: 5 Place of Publication: Philippines Call Number: Co 200 .H236 Volume Number: Accession Number: BMBLIB22-001513; BMBLIB22-001514; BMBLIB22-001515; BMBLIB22-001516; BMBLIB22-001517 Tags:Coastal and marine biodiversity | Coastal and marine ecosystems | Marine wildlife | Workbooks | Request a Copy