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Proper Postharvest Handling Practices in Fisheries: A Guide to Reduce Postharvest Losses
Format: Print Series: Author: Montojo, Ulysses M.; Bassig, Rosa A.; Banicod, Riza Jane S.; Peralta, Deserie M.; Ramos, Charlotte Ann M.; Tadifa, Gezelle C.; Baun, Heherson G. [Contributor/s: Moncawe, Cyrenes M.] Category: General Reference Publisher: Department of Agriculture - National Fisheries Research and Development Institute Date of Publication: ISBN/ISSN: 978-621-96489-3-6 (paperback); 978-621-96489-2-9 (PDF) No. of Copies: 1 Place of Publication: Philippines Call Number: Co 900.599 .M798 2021 Volume Number: Accession Number: BMBLIB22-000827 Tags:Fish handling | Fish harvest | Fisheries | Fisheries management | Request a Copy