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Reef Rehabilitation Manual
Format: Print Series: Author: Edwards, Alasdair; Guest, James; Shafir, Shai; Fisk, David; Gomez, Edgardo; Baruch, Rinkevich; Heyward, Andrew; Omori, Makoto; Iwao, Kenji; Dizon, Rommi; Morse, Aileen; Boch, Charlie; Job, Sandrine; Bongiorni, Lucia; Levy, Gideon; Shaish, Lee; Wells, Susan Category: General Reference Publisher: The Coral Reef Targeted Research & Capacitiy Building for Management Program Date of Publication: ISBN/ISSN: 978-1921317-05-7 No. of Copies: 1 Place of Publication: Australia Call Number: Co 700 .E26 2010 Volume Number: Accession Number: BMBLIB21-000195 Tags:Corals | Reef conservation | Reef restoration | Reefs | Request a Copy