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Tales from the Coral Triangle Philippines
Format: Print Series: Author: [Contributor/s: Abis, Acean Mae D.; Academia, Noahbelle L.; Basala, Elnah T.; Conde, Kathleen L.; Idlana, Roozie Quea Elkanah I.; Tabujara,Jirene Samuelle C.; Salleh, Munawara G.; Marilag, Isabella S.; Panolino, Essence A.; Hunaini, Shiama I.] Category: General Reference Publisher: Asian Development Bank (ADB) Date of Publication: ISBN/ISSN: 978-92-9257-499-4 (Print); 978-92-9257-500-7 (e-ISBN) No. of Copies: 2 Place of Publication: Philippines Call Number: Co 100.599 .T143 2016 Volume Number: Accession Number: BMBLIB22-001384; BMBLIB22-001785 Tags:Coastal and marine resources | Coastal communities | Coral Triangle | Fisheries | Stories | Request a Copy