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The Road to Empowerment: Strengthening the Indigenous Peoples Rights Act Volume 1: New Ways, Old Challenges
Format: Print Series: Author: Candelaria, Sedfrey; Dinopol, Victoria; Gust, Gert; Lacson, Rey Danilo; Lopez, Jill; Medina, Carlos;Sevilla, Ester Category: General Reference Publisher: International Labour Organization Date of Publication: ISBN/ISSN: 978-92-2-119701-0; 978-92-2-119702-7 (web pdf) No. of Copies: Place of Publication: Philippines Call Number: P 221 .C216 2007 Volume Number: Volume 1 Accession Number: BMBLIB21-000229 Tags:Ancestral domains | Indigenous communities | Indigenous Peoples (IP) | Indigenous Peoples Rights Act (IPRA) | Request a Copy